• Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra - Flyin' Through Florida

    One of the few touring big bands on the road, the Kenton Legacy Orchestra - "Flyin' Through Florida" on their 21st tour!
    The oldies include "Artistry Jumps," with the original arrangement; two arrangements that Dave Barduhn did back in the 1970s, "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning," and "Through the Eyes of Love;" and finally what they now call "El Manisero, La Ultima Vez." Wait until you hear what the rhythm section does with this piece - completely different than any recordings before. The new music is very exciting. As usual the writers have come up with a bunch of winners! Joel Kaye has given us a new arrangement of the Johnny Richards original that was recorded by Frank Sinatra "Young at Heart," an original called "Psyche," and an Al Cohn tune for the Saxophone section, "Shazam." Scott Whitfield has arranged the Puccini aria "O Mio Babbino Caro" as a solo for Mike Vax, and Jennifer Leitham's original "The Trashman Commeth," as well as a great double bill so to speak, of "How High the Moon and Ornithology," for he and Ginger to sing. There is a wonderful arrangement of "After You've Gone" by Dennis Noday's good friend Lee Harris. Finally." And last but certainly not least is Charlie Ferguson's stirring arrangement of "Someday," a pop tune done for sure in the Kenton Style. SAXOPHONES: Kim Richmond, Phil Hilger, Rick Condit, Joel Kaye, Tami Davidsson, Bill Prince TROMBONES: Scott Whitfield, Dale Devoe, Dave Keim, Kenny Shroyer, Rich Bullock TRUMPETS: Mike Vax, Dennis Noday, John Harner, Jim Oatts, Greg McLean PIANO: Charlie Ferguson BASS: Jennifer Leithan DRUMS: C.E. Askew VOCALS: Scott Whitfield,Ginger Berglund MIKE VAX, a Kenton Alum, has devoted much of his professional life keeping the legacy of big band music, most notably that of Stan Kenton, alive and vibrant. In addition to Kenton's musical legacy, Vax has carried on the Kenton dedication to education, an area where Kenton was one of the early leaders. One result of Vax's efforts is the existence of THE STAN KENTON LEGACY ORCHESTRA, a big band that Vax has fronted through a few name changes for 25 years.

    1. Artistry Jumps
    2. Someday
    3. After You've Gone...Finally
    4. In the Wee Small Hours
    5. Psyche
    6. O Mio Babbino
    7. How High the Moon / Ornithology
    8. Young at Heart
    9. The Trashman Cometh
    10. Through the Eyes of Love
    11. Shazam
    12. El Manisero, La Ultima Vez

    Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra - Flyin' Through Florida

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